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Q. Some people ask, "What makes so special?"

A. The many things we bring to the table, and here are seven of them:

  1. A fresh start from scratch, with a clean sheet of paper and open ears as we listen to you. We don't do canned Web sites. So we'll need to learn as much about you as we possibly can to achieve our ultimate goal: doing a custom job that will exceed your expectations.

  2. Expertise to build an investment-grade Web site for you. Any kid can build a Web site. Though we think of ourselves as just kids, we have decades of proven experience in business, marketing, photography, graphic design, color selection, and computer systems. We're constantly learning new things, both technical and creative, to enhance the scope and quality of what we do. We'll build an outstanding Web site for you, one that we'll host, update & maintain for you at a reasonable cost.

  3. Still photos that will knock your socks off. When we finalize a deal with a new professional client, they've already seen a sampling of our many still photos that have gotten absolute raves from others. Without fail, the new client always elects to include what no other Web site developer dares to offer: unlimited still photography as part of our DeLuxe Web site development package. But how do we shoot so many outstanding stills that have "eyeballs"? We have a one-word answer: eyebehindthelens™, a rare combination of creative and technical skills that have come together in the digital world to produce amazing close-up, interior and exterior photos.

  4. A creative approach and the latest technology that tell your story with style. We'll create logos, graphic designs, text, still photos, audio, video, our new, upgraded  VirtualPan360+™ panoramas of both interiors and exteriors, and whatever else it takes to put your best face on the Web. We'll set up .PDF files so that visitors can download and print clear, 100% perfect documents. Just imagine how many back-office functions you can streamline! You'll provide the basic content, review our work, and you'll retain full editorial control at all times.

  5. HIPAA Compliance for our clients who are healthcare providers. We know how to protect PHI (Patient Healthcare Information) that will be transmitted electronically. We have the know-how to help our clients who are healthcare providers with their concerns about HIPAA compliance, and we offer state-of-the-art secure, 128-bit encryption using SSL (Secure Socket Layers) on a secure server to assure hat no PHI will be compromised during electronic transmission.

  6. Marketing Expertise to help our clients who are committed to marketing in other media such as print, broadcast, and direct mail. We help those clients to leverage their advertising dollars by creating a warm, caring and personal Web site that follows up their other-media ad. Their new Web site will be designed to deliver rich, multi-dimensional content that's impossible to present in a flat print ad measured in column-inches, a thirty-second broadcast spot that's over before it starts, or a postcard.

  7. Process for defining multiple target audiences and focusing site content to meet the needs of each. Your target audiences primarily consist of existing and potential customers, clients. residents, patients, etc., those people and organizations who buy what you sell. You should also think about targeting contemporaries in your field, as well as potential staff to be recruited from far and wide to help your organization grow and prosper. Additionally, you'll want to target the community in which your organization is located. After all, anyone who sees your domain name anywhere (you should advertise it everywhere) may stop in to visit your site without an invitation, during the day or night.

  8. A Photojournalistic Approach that includes audience-appropriate text. We've bragged about our photographic skills, but we're not slouches when it comes to writing. We'll provide stylistic re-writing of materials you provide to us. We'll pull together information from multiple sources and create a smooth and flowing narrative. As needed, we'll focus in multiple directions: We'll use your field's technical terminology on pages for professional readers, and we'll switch to softened, user-friendly language on pages for laypeople. Again, you'll retain full editorial control at all times.   



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